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Story Writing

Story Plotter - plot your story online - create your own online "choose your own adventure" online.
This can only be linked.  You can not embed this on your site.

Twine - - create a "choose your own story" online. - this is where you can host your Twine.  You can then link this. - make your own storybook
You can try to embed this, but really it will end up being a link.

Storyjumper "How To" Example - an actual story to read and learn about storyjumper


Your username can be the first part of your email address.  eg. bub999
Your birthdate should be Jan 1 2000 (or 1970).

How to Create Login

StoryJumper - Sharing and Linking

Twine HTML Code

Copy and change the code where you need to:

Adding images:

Booklets and Books

Lucidpress - like MS Publisher but online, shared and accessible through Google Apps.

Printing Press by Read, Write, Think - a very simple online tool, but more difficult to save and work on later. - create storybooks online with images or premade cartoon characters, and print hard cover books - makes a booklet from your pdf file, but requires downloading

Writing Starters

Brainstormer - helps to choose a topic or a random topic
Hero Factory - need a hero to write about?  Make one and download it first
Psychic Sidekick - just spits out crazy ideas to write about
Plinky - not only blog writing ideas, but also responses to them from other people too!