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Welcome to the home of Technology at RTMS and the center of the Tech Team.  

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Thanks to all students who applied for the Tech Team. We wish we could have taken everybody, but there were tons of applicants and unfortunately we could accept only a few. Congratulations to all those who made the team!

Lawrence L 60 Mrs. McVeety
Haaziq S 60 Mrs. McVeety
Ali J 61 Ms. Pogue
Mustafa K 61 Ms. Pogue
Hasan K 62 Mr. Boesch
Humna Q 62 Mr. Boesch
Pallavi H 63 Mrs. Nervo
Aarib S 63 Mrs. Nervo
Yi Jia H 64 Ms. Klein
Ahmad Y 64 Ms .Klein
Taha N 65 Mrs. Diana
Syra S 65 Mrs. Diana
Khizar H 66 Ms. Bucca
Keval M 66 Ms. Bucca
Taha H 67 Mr. Suitor
Ohm P 67 Mr. Suitor
Julia V 68 Mr. Sunnak
Skye S 68 Mr. Sunnak
Imran A 69 Mr. Jailall
Siddharth S 69 Mr. Jaillal
Shanza R 70 Ms.Benjamin

70 Ms.Benjamin
Shaheer h 71 Ms.Padda
Tristen S 71 Ms. Padda
Ibrahim Q 72 Ms. Cole
Abiraa T 72 Ms. Cole
Eithar A 73 Mrs. Neath
Areeba A 73 Mrs. Neath
Susmitha S 74 Mrs. Heiss
Arnav A 74 Mrs. Heiss
Ali A 75 Mr. Tokue
Naiera S 75 Mr. Tokue
Aymen S 76 Ms. Dawe
Moatasem A 76 Ms. Dawe
Angela D 77 Ms. Bhatty
Henna N 77 Ms. Bhatty
Hala S 78 Mr. Egan
Sankari M 78 Mr. Egan
Nausheen  H  79 Ms. Vento
Fatima R  79 Ms. Vento
Hadi K 80 Ms. Soares
Suhaila O 80 Ms. Soares
Roshan H 81 Mrs. Afriyie
Navya H 81 Mrs. Afriyie
Umair A 82 Mrs. Mcdonald
Inam H     82 Mrs. Mcdonald
A 82 Mrs. Mcdonald
Aditya M 83 Mlle de las Alas
Mohamed H 83 Mlle de las Alas
Princess A 84 Ms. Barrington
Michael P 84 Ms. Barrington
Eman A 85 Mr. Greenwood
Shyavan S 85 Mr. Greenwood
Bilal N 86 Ms. Jafri
Marouf R 86 Ms. Jafri
Raunak M 87 Mr. Stroud
C 87 Mr. Stroud
Sheheryar I    88 Ms. Raphael
Shayan A 88 Ms. Raphael
Emman A 89 Ms. Bajwa
Momin B 89 Ms. Bajwa
Ayat    86
Ms. Jafri
Ms. Manmohansingh
Ms. Davidson
Ms. Karrys

Mr. Sakai the Computer Guy
905-814-1729 x208

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