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Thanks to all who applied. We had 150 applicants so the competition was incredible. I wish we could have taken you all, but spaces were limited. Remember there are plenty of tech clubs to come that are open to everybody! Congratulations Tech Team 2017-2018 
Tech Team 2017-2018

Ruwayd M 60 Ms, Kerrigan
George  L 60 Ms. Kerrigan
Aryan D 61 Ms. Vento
Nikhil B 61 Ms. Vento
Mia Z 62 Mr.Boesch
Shanzay Q 62 Mr.Boesch
Qusai A 63 Ms.Latta
Yasmin A 63 Ms.Latta
Andy T 64 Ms.Klein
Hazkeel R 64 Ms.Klein
Maryam M 64 Ms.Klein
Rayed K 64 Ms. Klein
Sabrina K 65 Ms.Diana
Thusi S 65 Ms.Diana
Emad M 67 Mr.Suitor
Rhea U 67 Mr.Suitor
Timmy N 67 Mr.Suitor
Favour A 68 Mr. Sunnak
Safa N 68 Mr. Sunnak
Shayan S 69 Mr. Jailall
Waqar W 69 Mr.Jailall
Paris W 70 Ms. Benjamin
Siddharth S 70 Ms. Benjamin
Keval  M 71 Ms. Iyer
Ohm  P 71 Ms. Iyer
Faizaan A 72 Ms. Blain
Visman B 72 Ms. Blain
Aayush N 73 Ms. Neath
Sara I 73 Mrs. Neath
Julia V 74 Ms. Heiss
Sarah S 74 Ms. Heiss
Ajitesh S 75 Mr.Tokue
Mughil V 75 Mr.Tokue
Elham A 76 Ms. Barrington
Hasan A 76 Ms. Barrington
Aarib S 77 Mrs. Hutchinson
Hasan K 77 Mrs. Hutchinson
Hla A 78 Mr. Egan
Taha H 78 Mr. Egan
Ali A 80 Ms. Majewski
Duy L 80 Ms. Majewski
Dilum R 81 Mrs. Afriyie
Susmitha S 81 Mrs. Afriyie
Gunnar L 82 Ms. Mcdonald
Sarthak B 82 Ms.McDonald
Anna T 83 Ms. Mayeda
Rafae A 83 Ms. Mayeda
Arnav C 84 Ms. Bucca
Hamza R 84 Ms. Bucca
Muhammad Kabir S 84 Ms. Bucca
Eithar A 85 Mr. Greenwood
Myesha Z 85 Mr. Greenwood
Zeina A 85 Mr. Greenwood
Alizeh A 86 Mrs. Jafri
Shanza R 86 Mrs. Jafri

87 Mr. Stroud
Sankari M 87 Mr. Stroud
Tristen S 88 Ms. Bajwa
Vaibhav G 88 Ms. Bajwa
Ibrahim Q 810 Ms. Karrys
Zoya A 810 Ms. Karrys
Brooklyn S 86-LIB LIBRARY

Mr. Sakai the Computer Guy 
905-814-1729 x208

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